Workout while on your Periods

After going through the benefits, I am sure you are considering the workouts. So here I provide you with some easy workouts that you can undertake during your period.

periods workout

Aerobics: I know you feel a little grumpy during that time. Aerobics can make that burning calories much simpler and fun.


Dancing: Dancing to your favourite tunes will not only burn your calories but makes you active and enlightens your mood.


Walking: How easier can it get, just a simple walk and you feel good about yourself. It may not do much in burning calories but is much better than sitting in front of the TV.


Jogging: if you feel you can exert a little bit more so what better than jogging. You would feel much better easing out the irritations.


Yoga: Yoga has undoubtedly proved to be beneficial in achieving the fitness goals. Breathing and relaxation drains your inner stress. Try out some simple postures, there are few that will effectively help you get relief from the abdominal pain.


Lifting weights: Work on your muscles by lifting weights. You don’t have to put much strain. If you are trying for the first time start with some light weights and see, you don’t have to crib much.


Now, if you feel like not giving on your regime try these simple workouts that you need not skip. Why give up? Frankly, exercising or not depends on your own body. If there is heavy flow or intense cramps you can ditch a day but if you just sit there through the whole cycle that would out and out counter your fitness woe. So instead of just cancelling opt for less strenuous workouts.