Workout while on your Periods

Periods workout

In this era of fitness and healthy living we all know the benefits that physical well being brings to our lives. So ladies, its good being part of the awareness regime and taking conscious steps towards achieving physical as well as mental health. Exercising has become an integral part of the daily routine of modern women but with this comes a debatable question that whether exercising during menstruation is good or not.

It is common to come across people who strictly say no to exercise during periods on the ground that body is too sensitive at that time and thus more prone to injuries. However you would also find the other lot that advocates exercising brings no harm to the body. This comes from the fact that keeping active at that times brings you much better health and provides following benefits.


It helps in easing PMS: the release of endorphins takes care of your mood while sweat gives you relief from the bloating feeling. Further it eases the cramps.
The lesser the more: With lesser progesterone and oestrogen levels, your body has more access to carbohydrates which means you can achieve much with lesser workout.
Also, during menstruation you are cooler as compared to other days thus you can workout a little bit more.