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Why do women over 50 wear make up ?

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We have always thought to ourselves- why do women, especially women over the age of 50 wear make-up? As we age, wisdom is not the only thing that we acquire- we are gifted with metamorphosis of the skin too! As women near 50, collagen levels are on the decline, estrogen levels reach a halt with menopause and testosterone takes over. The skin starts losing its moisture and glow, inflammation peaks, and the skin is more exposed to damaging environment- sun, smoke and pollution. The list doesn’t even stop here! Other sings include deeper lines, stretchy pores, saggy lids, hollow eye-sockets, age spots and peach fuzz!

Age is just a number

In this situation, all we really want is to turn back the clock to our youthful days with our tighter, brighter skin! This is why for women make-up steps in as their guardian angel and savior! After all, with a good primer and concealer; nothing can drag you down. Let us think of how the popular saying goes, “age is just a number!”

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Having make-up on, especially foundation is seen as an impression of good health and symmetry. It makes the face look livelier, brighter and enhances beauty!

A number of experiments demonstrate that with age, women wearing cosmetics are evaluated as healthier, more confident as well as having greater earnings than women who wear no makeup! Women who wear make-up are also perceived as being more loyal, amiable and having better chances of getting ahead in the workplace!


It is expected that professional women wear make-up. In fact, we know through hearsay that Hilary Clinton was expected to focus on hair and makeup when she joined politics and was given a lot of jargon on how make-up can eventually lead to professional success!


Rouge is linked to sexual arousal, since women blush when they are most sexually viable. This is why the application of artificial blush mimics sexual arousal and lends a look of youthfulness to women!

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Enhancing Attractiveness

Eye make-up is considered to be a very important product in enhancing attractiveness in women. Eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara highlight your eyes and make them look bigger, that are typical features of the young. However, women above 60 refrain from using liquid eyeliners as well as jet black colours. They prefer going for softer browns, blues and greys.

If you are a woman over 50 wearing the same make-up and products you wore when you were 20, then you need to progress with time. Colours and formulations that you wore in your younger years will not enhance your features in the same way now. Growing older doesn’t mean giving up on the favourite item in your make-up bags. You can still use everything in your make-up kit-eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick or blush.

This is why women over the age of 50 want to apply make-up since it adds definition to their face and hides the hard lines! They want to embrace their natural features and accentuate their face, which undergoes rapid changes with time.

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