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The North-eastern region of our country has mesmerized us with its splendid pulchritude and ataraxy.  All the eight states of the region is an epitome of vivacious nature. Thus, Meghalaya is one of state which will certainly enchant us with its magnificent terrain. Moreover it’s capital and picturesque city Shillong has not only bedazzled people but has also earned the award of ‘India’s favorite hill station’ under the category ‘top tourism destination’.

There are still many places in Meghalaya which are not very commonly traveled by tourist, most probably because they are not mentioned on the tourists guide.  Here’s a list of few places in Meghalaya which you, as tourist may want to see in order to get entrance by more breath taking views.

  1. Tetengkol- Balwakol :

Also known as the ‘Dwarf Cave’,  Tetengkol is located in the Nengkhong village of South Garo Hills district. The unique thing about this cave is the small circular entrance which is about one metre-diameter, inside which is a mighty cave with an expanse of 53334 meters. For its enormous length it is considered to be the second longest cave in the Indian-subcontinent.  Unfortunately, entry to this site is restricted as it’s supposed to be a private property now.

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  1. Tisang River :

The Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya has got a copious number of fascinating sceneries. The region is blessed with few winsome rivers one of which is the Tisang River. This idyllic river is surrounded by forests on both sides and glides near the village of Borghat which is about 50kms away from district headquarter, Khliehriat. The serenity and the whimsical vicinity of the river will definitely leave one completely entranced.

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  1.  Mawphanlur :

Mawphanlur, a village in the West Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, is undoubtedly nature’s gift to us. The village is a hilly terrain which comprises of seven lakes for which it is popularly known as the ‘village of seven lakes’ or the’ hills of seven lakes’. Its field of vision, green hammock, cool weather (very cold in winters) adventurous trek and boating in the pristine lakes is for sure a treat to our scenic avidity. Despite its captivating view it remains out of the common tourist destinations for the mode of transport to this place is quite high and the only cheaper way to reach there is to breakdown the journey which is may not be convenient for all.

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  1. Syntung village :

Located in Mawkynrew, East khasi hills district of the state, Syntung village is a divine creation of’ Mother Earth’. The village is blessed with a beautiful river named Wah Rashi Kshaid which is formed by not one but about seven waterfalls. The wild flowers, vegetation, tumps, fresh environment, untainted river water, nonpareil cuisine, culture and tradition make this countryside spellbinding. The wretched condition of the roads have paused the village from becoming a favored sightseeing spot.

Syntung village

However, these are the names of just few hidden gems of Meghalaya. The state can be an amaze-ball for people who love to get inundated by the tranquil beauty of nature.

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