Have you tried water running? it’s a great alternative to road running

Women who have never tried water running should definitely consider giving it a try. Water running offers several benefits. Below are some of those benefits.

Better for your joints and muscles

Water running is just as effective as land running, but it is much better for your joints and muscles. The water helps reduce your chances of getting injured. Water running is a great choice exercise for women who are recovering from a previous injury. Furthermore, the resistance from the water helps strengthen the muscles.

Cross training

Water running engages several large muscles at the same time. This allows a woman to get a more effective workout in less time. Cross training is one of the best ways to reach one’s fitness goals.

Easier on the heart

Since water running is so much easier on the body, the heart does not have to work as hard. In fact, a woman that runs in water will have a lower heart rate than a person who runs on land. A woman has an increased chance of becoming injured if her heart rate gets too high during exercise.

Highly-effective calorie burner

It is estimated that the average woman can burn 11.5 calories per minute by running in the water. If a woman runs in the water for a whole hour, she can burn up to 690 calories. This is comparable to land running.

Again, every woman should give water running a try. It is better for the joints and easier on the heart. Additionally, water running is also a highly-effective calorie burner that is great for cross training.

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