Treat Your Tired Muscles with these 7 Yoga Poses!

yoga poses

Either lack of activity or too much workout can lead to sore muscles. We need something to relieve our muscles, loosen them to make them more active. Yoga is one of the very best ways to stretch yourself and provide flexibility to your muscles. Several Yoga poses are there to help you loosen up, and I have tried almost all of them. Yoga soothes my nerves and helps with my muscles like nothing else. Therefore, I felt like sharing 7 of the Yoga Poses I do the most frequently, and are the simplest, yet the most effective ones!

  1. Active Pigeon:

For this pose, you have to initially be in the proper push up position. Then you have to bring your left leg up, stretching from the hip, in a way that your left heel faces your right hip. The forearms have to be brought down on the ground for support, and then the right leg turns in too. Repeat the same step 5 times.

  1. C-Curve:

This pose is best if you have lower back pains or if your back muscles are tired. You’ll just have to sit with your knees bent, your hands holding from the hamstrings. Your elbows have to be facing outwards, as you round your back and pull at the knees. Placing your left foot on a wall, push forward while pulling the right one back. Repeat 5 times.

  1. Modified Cobra:

Lying down on your stomach, place your thumbs directly under your shoulders, your toes being on the ground. Push by your thumbs, as you raise your upper half to align with the wall. Then relax, and repeat the same steps 5 times.


modified cobra pose

  1. Hamster Stretch Series:

Putting a folded towel behind your head, you have to stare straight upwards, as you lie down on your back, your legs extended. With a hand, you have to hold your hamstrings and pull backwards, as far as you can. Keep your spine straight while doing the process. Repeat this 5 times with each leg.

  1. Split Squat:

For this, you have to stand straight, with feet about a hip-width apart. Your left leg would be in front of your right leg, and both of the feet have to hold the same weight. Place your hands beneath your ribs, and tighten your pelvis, bending your knees down until you’re down enough. Repeat 5 times.

  1. Quadrupeds:

You have to kneel down on the floor with all fours, your knees in alignment with your hips, and your elbows with your shoulders. Bringing your forehead down towards the floor, move your left hand over the floor from the pinkie edge, careful to keep your right palm on the floor. Repeat five times by switching sides.


yoga poses

  1. Standing Forward Fold:

Initially, you have to be standing straight, and looking forward.  Bend down from the hips, bringing your head between your legs which are about a hip-width apart. Move your arms around the outside of your calves, bringing them to rest on the back of your angles. Hold like that for 10 breaths.


standing forward fold

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