Tips on How to Look Great during Pregnancy

looking good in pregnancy

Expecting a baby? This is indeed one of the most beautiful moments of life. If you are worried about maintaining your beauty and handling various skin and body image issues that arise from the changes during this period, here are some simple tips to follow:

Over-Accessorizing is a No-No

The key is to keep it simple. Overdoing your outfits during pregnancy will distract attention from natural glow. Stick to classic cuts and simple lines. Avoid large or complex patterns that overwhelm the curvy frame. Solid colors are the best choice. You can add a statement piece to it like a jewelry piece or patterned scarf.

Focus on the Positive

Pregnancy makes you naturally beautiful. So accentuate the positive. Flaunt the bump and take pride in your beautiful pregnant body.


This is the time to take care of your hair. Although the pre-natal vitamins must have improved your hair structure already, try revolutionizing the look with a new hairstyle that goes with your body. If you have short or medium hair, growing it out. You can also experiment with varied styles such as combs, hairbands, hair clips, upsweeps, braiding, and many more.

Pay Attention to your Posture

Your body changes. Hence, it is time to take care of your posture. There are changes in weight and gravity. So it is natural to develop some amount of slouch as pregnancy progresses. Most women tend to push the hips far forward and slouch their shoulders. Avoid this. Also avoid sticking your belly out. Throwing shoulders back while walking can also lead to back strain. The best posture to follow is to keep hips and shoulders in line as you walk. The back should be kept straight. You may tuck a pillow behind while you sit.

pregnancy posture

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The Radiance

Pregnancy brings a natural glow to the face. To maintain and enhance it, moisturize daily and gently exfoliate skin once or twice a week. You should protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun by using a gentle sunscreen.

No Use of Depilatory Creams

Most of these creams are lye based. Hence, it is important that you are extra-cautious during pregnancy.

Handling Melasma

Most women find it very hard to handle melasma as it creates unsightly marks and darkening around the lips, forehead, chin, and cheeks. This is one of the top queries made in women’s fashion magazine and various beauty blogs online. Studies have revealed that the issue strikes over 50% of pregnant women. Blame it on estrogen levels that stimulate melanin production. Women may use skin-bleaching creams containing hydroquinone. However, these tend to have side effects on the growing baby. Melasma usually fades within a year post-delivery. Hydroquinone creams can also be used after delivery.

Facials, Spa and Massages

Most facials and spa treatments are absolutely safe to go for during pregnancy. However, it is important that you inform the spa about the pregnancy, especially if you want to have a massage. These days, a lot of spas have therapists specially trained in prenatal massage practices. So they know which areas of your body to put pressure on and which ones to be spared. Do not get a deep-tissue massage. Also avoid techniques such as shiatsu and foot reflexology. These emphasize on acupressure points that may affect the abdomen. Basic facials are the best. Steer clear of chemical peels and facials as these are harmful for the baby. Spa treatments that raise body temperature should also be avoided (steam room and hot body wraps). Rise in body temperature is dangerous for babies.

massage in pregnancy - rantbuzz

The Stretch Marks

Well, these may not be really prevented. However, it is still possible to keep them to a minimum by keeping a watching on your weight. Apply a rich moisturizer loaded with cocoa butter. Prescription Retin-A or Renova creams can be used post-delivery. These are found effective in reducing the appearance of marks. Laser treatments are also available.

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