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being skinny

We’ve seen this happening loads of times. We all know how we aren’t perfect, some of us are either too fat, while the others are too thin to fit into the ‘perfect woman’ criterion. But in our struggles to fit in, we do things that might not always prove to be beneficial for us; they might even prove to be harmful at the end, and we wouldn’t know.

I had a friend of mine, who was kind of a bit chubby. In her race to get to that place where she could be slim and smart, she started starving herself, eating less than she actually required. And there it was, the million dollar question

Being thin or healthy ? Which is more important

Was coming up to the people’s expectations, getting compliments really worth it, if it came at the price of losing your health? No, it wasn’t.

All of you girls who have been facing the pressure of trying to get thin and fit into the society, I know it’s hard, but our health is much more important, and we can’t risk it to become thin, no matter how good it makes you feel.

being skinny

Why is Neglecting Your Health Harmful?

When you start eating less in order to become thinner, you are basically depriving yourself of the nutrition that your body requires in order to be healthy. So nutritionally, your body will lack those essential things that it needs to process normally and survive. If that doesn’t explain it enough, yes, cutting your diet would only give you serious health issues.

Apart from this, when you are not eating enough, your cells weaken because of the lack of nutrition. This seriously affects every single activity of your life; you become lazy, your memory weakens and you can’t do your work actively. And these are only some of the consequences of neglecting your health like that.

If you go underweight because of eating less than required, your system as a whole will weaken. This means that your immune system is badly affected by this whole thing too, and consequently, you are much more exposed to diseases, and likely to catch them. Your cells weaken, because of which they don’t have enough energy to fight the diseases off that can harm you on the inside out.

So What Should We Do?

Now being underweight is not an option for us, but being overweight isn’t an option either. Both bring us numerous health issues, because of which our main focus should always be our health. Keeping ourselves healthy and nourishing ourselves in the best way possible. Being ‘skinny’ isn’t something you should be chasing, instead you should know it doesn’t matter what shape and size you are! As long as you are the right weight and healthy, you should never try to change it.

Love yourself enough to take care of your body. Exercise is something that will help you in both ways; keeping you in shape while not jeopardizing your health. It is basically a win-win situation! So remember. Your health > Being skinny, always!