Post Pregnancy Workouts – 5 Exercises to do After Giving Births


Post-Pregnancy Workouts


Now that the load is off your body and is in the form of that cherubic little one in your arms, you must be feeling elated! But, wait a minute.  Is that load really off your body or are you still carrying oodles of it around?  Post-pregnancy weight is most often, the nightmare of every young woman as it’s a common notion that this is the most difficult to shed.  But not only is shedding post-pregnancy weight essential for getting back in shape, but with some discipline and effort, it can be easily achieved.


The simplest exercise that can be done by almost anyone, irrespective of the kind of delivery one has had, is walking.  Start with a short 10-minute walk and slowly build it up to about 40 minutes. Though it can start more like a casual stroll it is essential to build it up to include powerful strides.  This will throw the whole body into action whilst being gently enough to not strain the muscles beyond need.

Pelvic tilt

The pelvic tilt is a great exercise to workout the inner abdominal muscles – this is the group that you need to target if you want that oversized muffin top to disappear.  If you’ve undergone a C-section, you might want to wait for about 2 months at least, to start this one; the others are free to try this about 10 days after delivery. In this workout, simply lie down on your back.  Tuck in a pillow under your hips. Bend your knees and tuck in another pillow between the knees.  Keep your feet flat and arms by the side.  Now Inhale deeply and exhale while drawing in your abs and also tucking in the pelvis and squeezing your buttocks on the floor.  Hold the pose for a few second and release.  Do this for about 10 times.