Moving abroad: 5 things you need to know

Life is one big adventure and sometimes this adventure takes us to the other side of the world. Moving abroad isn’t easy for many reasons but taken with the right attitude it can be an amazing experience. However here are 5 things no one told you and you should know.


It is nothing like the movies. On TV, we watch perfect trips that end up making all our dreams come true but the truth is moving abroad is nothing like that, it is hard and you will meet a lot of new people and sure you might meet the love of your life but it won’t happen as easy and fast as it does in the movies.


The less the better. Get rid of all the things you don’t need or use anymore, I mean it. You don’t want to move with a lot of things you don’t need besides one you move you’ll get more things and end up with a mountain of junk. So, take with you only the essential and get rid of the rest.


Not your native language. Maybe you are moving to a country that speaks English but if that’s not the case you are going to learn a new language. You might think you know the language but let me tell you that once you get there and talk to the people in their native language you’ll realize you still have a lot to learn. Don’t get discourage this is a learning experience and in a couple of weeks you’ll have it all figured out.


You are allowed to hate your new country. I talk from experience and let me tell you, everyone is expecting you to love the place you are moving to but you don’t have to. It is okay to not only miss home but also even hate your adopted country. Part of this can come from not feeling like you belong anywhere or the simple fact that everything is new. Don’t worry this feeling is temporarily and it happens to everyone.


You won’t come back the same. Moving itself changes you, now imagine changing into a whole new country and culture. It isn’t as romantic as the self-discovering we often see in movies but it is true, you’ll change and you will learn things about yourself you probably didn’t want to know. At the end, you’ll come back a whole new better version if yourself, believe me it is for the good.

You might be scared about moving abroad, but do it, seriously do it. Even if the experience is horrible (which was my case) you’ll learn, meet new people and new friends. At the end, it is all worth it. Want to talk about your experience? Whether you agree or disagree with me, let us know how you did while moving to a new place.



Source: Young adventuress.

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