The love of your life: 6 steps to find your other half

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Since the beginning of times people have seek to find their soulmate and so have we. It shouldn’t be that hard, everyone else seems to have it figured out. Here we are telling you the 6 easy steps into finding the love of your life.


Stop daydreaming. Large part of our life is spent daydreaming about the future so we end up wasting time and achieving nothing. In order the find the one person to spend the rest of our life with, we must stop daydreaming and start living. Start working towards your life goals and you will start attracting the right people.


Stop looking far away and look to what is in front of you. Sometimes we believe that we most travel around the world and meet lots of people before we come across the one, when in reality, the love of your life might be leaving next door. Stop looking so far away and appreciate the people close to you.


Stand up for yourself. Stop letting people tell you what to do or who to be. Your partner will appreciate a person with back bone so much more than one that complies with everything. Negotiate boundaries and set goal, if he is the right one he’ll understand.


Don’t bond over broken souls. It is easy to bond with people when you are going through the same situation, it is easier if you can complement and help each other. Don’t go out with someone who needs a friend more than a partner, a person with too much issues to deal with will drag you into the problems and you’ll end up dealing with problems that aren’t yours. Also, when bounding with someone over their issues you create a temporary bound that will disappear once the person solves their problems and you will no longer have a relationship.


Be the person you want to be with. The places you go and the way you act around others will determine the kind of people. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean changing who you are or pretending to be someone else, just remember that first impressions are important. Go do things you love and have fun, and you’ll attract people who share your passions.


It is all about the little things. Once you have found the person you think might be the love of your life remember that building relationship takes time and work. People appreciate the little things you do for them, so occasionally, surprise your significant other with things you know they’ll like. Also, remember gratitude and appreciation to the things they do.

Remember than love and relationships are hard work and not everything is like in the fairy tales. We hope these steps help you in your romantic situation. Let us know how everything went and share with us other tips you might have.



Source: Thought Catalogue

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