Long distance relationships: 5 things you will understand if you and your best friend live in different countries

Two years ago, after graduating from High School, I moved to Spain and my best friend moved to Argentina. Crazy, I know! We are still best friends but let me tell you it is challenging and sometimes it feels like we are drifting apart, but now a day with all the technologies it is so much easier. Still not seeing each other or getting a hug when you need one, can be really hard. So here are 5 things you’ll only understand if you are in our situation.


WhatsApp and skype are part of the friendship. For us it goes from skyping to show each other our new hairstyles to voice notes in the middle of parties describing a guy we just met. Having the internet to communicate is great, it of course doesn’t replace face to face conversations but it comes close.


Up to date sessions. Yes, you are in different countries and live totally separate lives but that doesn’t mean you don’t are not up to date on what is going on in each other’s life. Being a part gives you the sensation that you should tell each other every single little detail.


Learning to be independent. Not just from your parents but also from your best friend, independence is a good thing. You learn to talk to other people and make your own decisions, of course you’ll still consult each other on mayor decisions but you will have your own lives and you’ll have your own circumstances and that forces you to take your own decisions no matter what your best friend thinks.


Learning who you truly are. This won’t make you less of friends it will simply give you the opportunity to grow your own self. Friends are great and they can be amazing influences but being apart will force you to learn who you truly are. It is like breaking up with someone and realizing all things you only did because the other person liked it.


Jealousy has a new meaning. It is already bad enough that you don’t get to do things together but them doing these things with someone else is just too much. Of course, neither of you expects the other person to sit alone at home and not have new friends but you must admit that seen them celebrate their birthday with their new friends or listening to how amazing time they had together makes you at least a little jealous.


Don’t worry too much, your friendship will survive the long distance. It will take work and time, but what relationship doesn’t? don’t forget to tell us about your friends and your long-distance relationships.