A Letter to the Mothers with Strollers


Dear Mothers in the city;

We understand that you have every right to take your beloved cherub children for a walk on a sunny afternoon in the city and we respect this. But heed us, please, as we ask one simple question: why must you take the stroller everywhere? Yes, ma’am, you have all the right to carry your child about as you see fit, but please take the rest of the public into consideration. We are not telling you what to do or how to raise your children so don’t take this offensively; it’s just awfully troublesome to move about when your stroller is blocking the way.

Madam, you get on the bus with your sweet baby, wrapped in soft blankets and gnawing happily on a toy as they watch the people come and go, but ma’am, your stroller is in the way. The bulky thing seems to need extra help being maneuvered off to the side or somewhere that doesn’t block the path. Even so, some of you have strollers that free up no less space when maneuvered. People have step over and around, bump themselves into things and have to squeeze pass to make their exit and entrances. You’ve yet to take the baby out and fold up the stroller, per the request on the bus’s announcement, and to everyone’s annoyance, sometimes, you make no effort at all.

This isn’t a complaint of one person, miss. We’ve all collected our grievances and expressed our equal dismay when you come into restaurants and take up more space, in an already crowded place. We groan when you stand in the middle of gangways; pull your bulky carriage into cramped elevators; bump into others with the wheels of the stroller and almost always, ma’am, you seem so oblivious, so entitled to be there that you don’t seem to notice our collective dismay. We don’t want to say we hate to see you coming, but with all due respect, your lack of consideration and sense of entitlement makes us roll our eyes in protest, step out of the elevator because we don’t want to be pressed against the wall; we decline the bus because your lack of maneuver renders us all helpless to get around and please, stop hanging out in the gangways; you make us all very weary with this behavior.

We would like to offer you, miss, a solution to this fiasco of bad stroller behavior, as they tend to make all sorts of devices for making traveling with your baby much easier. Have you considered the shoulder carriers? The pouch-device that allows you carry your baby like a backpack and leaves your hands free? Of course! This would be perfect in tighter areas of public, where people are coming and going. Entrances won’t be blocked and elevators won’t be cramped with your four-wheeled device. The passengers on the bus will be able to move more freely and we won’t look at you strangely when you block the gangway.

Madam, please don’t see this letter as a means of attack or persecution. We mean you absolutely no harm and have nothing against the tiny bundle of joy you’ve brought into the world. But we’ve all kept silent long enough because we simply couldn’t bring ourselves to explain to you without being rude or insensitive that it’s simply too much to bear from you having a stroller in an already crowded city, with people moving quickly around you. We are asking for a bit of common courtesy and understanding on your part, as we’ve allowed this for so long now.

With kindest regards, fellow city dwellers.

Author: Kelli Snyder

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