Here’s how to Activate the ‘Happy Hormones’ in your Body

women happiness

Would you agree if I say that the ultimate goal of anyone is to be happy? Well, some may be thinking that they wanted to be famous, to be rich, or to create a name for themselves. But come to think of it… no matter how much we wanted to create success, everything still falls into one conclusion: we wanted to be successful because we want to be happy.

For women, the desire to be happy is beyond optimism. Women are said to be vulnerable but are more transparent than men. Their humor is easily tickled and their laughter can be effortlessly triggered.

But do you know that being happy is connected to some scientific basis? Yes, just as how wonderful our body mechanism is the same surprising and amazing the little factors with it.

Ever heard of ‘happy hormones’? Yes, they are inside us and they are capable of making us smiling, laughing and feeling happy each day. Luck you since you are going to find out what are those hormones and how they can be activated in our body. Read on…

Women Happiness

Introducing the 4 Happy Hormones of Body

The following are the ‘happy hormones’ you should always welcome in you:

  1. Endorphins. Do you know that they are also known as body’s natural painkillers? This is because it’s the one responsible for blocking pain. Do you remember when you are doing an exercise and you have that feeling to push on? That’s because of endorphins.  One way of having it released is through anaerobic exercise. This hormone helps in fighting chronic pains by releasing this hormone. Endorphins aid us to feel less bad. Another way to activate is when we eat spicy foods. Once our tongue receptors react on the spicy taste, our brain signals will recognize the ‘uncomfortable’ taste, however, it is blocked by endorphins. Now you know why some people love spicy foods, hmmm?

happy hormones

  1. Dopamine. When you’re in love, the level of dopamine in your body increases tremendously. That’s explains that exciting feeling you have when you’re with someone you’re attracted with. It is also the hormone that brings pleasure and gets us more motivated when we’re striving for something – be it success or any type of reward.
    So, how to unleash it? Live a purposeful life. Be inspired. Fall in love. Set your goals. Be motivated always. Some experts also say that sleeping and eating sweets can also increase dopamine levels.
  2. Serotonin. This is the mood-booster. This hormone makes us sociable and acceptable. If this hormone is too less in our body, you will be irritable and depressed.
    So, how it will be triggered in you? Choose positive thoughts. Look at the brighter side. Live with gratitude. Once you’re thankful for everything, you’ll see the brighter side and you will be able to make smarter decisions. Get enough Vitamin D; this aids in creating serotonin. This also explains people who love outdoor activities tend to be more enjoyable and happier.
  3. Oxytoxin. This is another feel-good chemical in the body. This promotes a feeling of closeness and motherly love. This is released when we cuddle, hold hands with our loved ones, and talk to someone special in our life.
    This is also the hormone being released during sexual intercourse. The hugging, kissing, and caressing can develop a feeling of trust and love and that contributes to a happy relationship.
    So, how can you develop more of oxytoxin? Have a massage. This can trigger physical relaxation of muscles and increases emotional well-being. Make physical contact. Don’t be shy to hug and cuddle with your loved ones. This will promote better health and happy companionships.

Other Ways to Boost your Happy Hormones

For some people, each day is a challenge to be happy. Stress and other factors cause people to become more pessimistic, depressed, and sad. Family issues, traffic, and some work-related issues can contribute to so much negativity and thus, happy hormones in our body are being blocked.



In addition, here are some simple yet effective ways on activating those happy hormones.

  1. Listen to good music. Some studies stated that listening to music helps create and boost dopamine.
  2. Eating starchy, sweet, and carbo-rich foods can help boost your moods. That explains why craving for chocolates and other foods is common when people are depressed and sad. Just make sure those foods will be taken in moderation. Always remember that too much can always do harm in the body.
  3. Increase oxytoxin by strengthening your relationships. Get in touch with your loved ones. Communicate with them. Give notes with sweet messages for your partner. Cuddle and hug your close friends and family members.
  4. Stay in love. Keep your love strong and you’ll increase the happy chemicals in your body.
  5. Develop a shared goal with your loved ones. This will keep you inspired and persevering.
  6. Exercise and work on some outdoor activities.
  7. Stay positive and choose to be happy!

While these happy hormones make us feel better, it is also important that we choose to decide to act and choose things that will help us boost these hormones. Happiness is a choice, it is something that is not waited. It is created, acted, and developed.

So, are you ready to take that road to your happiness? For sure you are! Any other tips you can share to help people become happier? Feel free to share …