Health Benefits of Dairy Free Diet [Say NO to Milk]

Dairy free diet

The cow’s milk is what everyone trusts as a complete nutrition food especially during the growing stages of years. Researchers believe that it is not true in today’s time.  Milk too have some drawbacks. Dairy free diet means not including animal milk and also their products like yogurt, cheese , butter etc. dairy  products should be avoided to prevent the reactions ranging from diarrhea , nausea and other complications with respiratory system.

Dairy and Gluten free diet Plan

Healthy and balanced diet can also be achieved if we avoid having gluten free diet. Eggs and rice can be consumed as a dairy free breakfast. Neither dairy free desserts & nor gluten free menu has to be complicated. It is neither expensive nor even difficult to make.

A simple understanding of balanced meals providing you right nutrients and minerals is enough to make a good dairy free diet plan.

Dairy free breakfast can be scrambled eggs with water or some soy milk or even fresh fruits can help you. You can have calcium rich diet with vegetable milk to ensure you have enough calcium inside.


Shakeology products are all dairy free recipes. These can help you in many ways like

  1. Reducing your weight
  2. Boosting your energy
  3. Less cravings for junk food
  4. Good digestion

They are made of all the super nutrients rich foods collected from different parts of the world.

Less cravings leads to repair your muscles and also your skin , hairs as well.

It improves your immunity system and provides body all kinds of minerals and nutrients.

It includes adaptogens which have been used anciently in ayurvedic medicines to respond to the effects of stress and anxiety.

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Lactose free Diet

Lactose is present in the form of sugar in milk. Small intestine in our body helps in digesting the lactose which secretes an enzyme called lactase.  The amount of lactase in human body decreases with time. As we grow it keeps on decreasing.  It may lead to lactose intolerance.

As there is no remedy to increase lactase, only solution is lactose intolerance diet. We can have

  1. Any fruit or vegetable
  2. Calcium rich nuts
  3. Meats , fish and eggs
  4. Waters and natural juices
  5. Also milk without lactose


Cookies, bakery products & soups with milk or its derivates should be strictly avoided for lactose intolerance diet. Children also should be given lactose free diet and milk suffering from intolerance.

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So we should believe dairy free recipes are not unhealthier but contains all minerals and nutrients our body requires. They favor the good state of respiratory tract and even lowers the risk of many types of cancer. Do read the label first before buying any product in the market outside.