Get those sexy curves with easy and simple workouts right now!

Get Better Curves

Every girl dreams for curvaceous body type figure to look more beautiful and feminine. But getting that hourglass figure requires strategic strength activity training, well planned cardiovascular workouts and mix and match of various different physical activities. If you secretly desire for a curvier body, here’s the list of some female workout for curves for toning up the muscles in the right area and achieve those perfect hips, legs, and booty!

Cardio exercise-best female workout for curves: A great way to tone your muscles and tighten your waistline is by carrying out cardiovascular exercise. It not only boosts your heart but helps you to create the calorie deficit. Start workout with 30 minutes and slowly increase for at least 45 minutes for about 5-6 days a week to help you lose calories quickly. As a warm-up, you can start with jogging and thereafter continue running. Also, do speed-walk after your dinner session to help you digest your food easily.

Strength training moves: Strength training moves like push-ups, planks, wood chops, lunges, side planks is trainers and fitness freaks favorite’s move for shaping and toning your body. Strength training moves should be done 2-3 times in a week to help you build muscle and get that perfect posture and appealing appearance. Concentrate on toning your hips, shoulders, butt and thighs to get that curvier look. Squats and lunges are best exercises for outer thighs, hips, and butt whereas push-ups and rows are good for toned muscles and shoulders. Further, Step-up exercise is also great for your glutes and thighs. Once you broaden your shoulders, your waist will appear smaller and curvier.

Mix and match exercises: You can try doing swimming and cycling today, next day go for either dance class or cycling, another day opt for cardio workouts and strength routines. Mix and match these physical activities and exercises and try to opt for variations to break the routine.