My experience going into college with a boyfriend


One of my greatest fears of beginning college was how I was going to handle having a boyfriend. Will and I got together at the beginning of my senior year of high school, and had lasted through the year. I had been into him for years leading up to our relationship, and I wasn’t ready to just throw him away because I was going to one school and he was going to another. Many of my friends and my parents’ friends advised me to end things amicably, mid school year, or at the latest, mid summer. They told me young love is young love, and college would be easier independently. I didn’t listen.

My first semester of college was not good. There is no way to sugar cote it. I had an awful freshman year, and I was ready to drop out half way through. I had entered the wrong major in the biggest school in the country, only three hours away from home, and yet, too far. I went to college virtually alone, and isolated the few friends I did have from high school after my grandfather passed away only a week into the new school year. His passing along with my general anxieties of going away to college shaped my year for the worse. He and I were very close, and losing him destroyed my sunny disposition. My new apartment became a prison cell. Classes became punishment. New people did not become potential friends, but strangers who would happen to share an alma mater with me in a few years. The only beacon of light in the darkness of change was Will.

He helped me mend my friendships with those I isolated, pick a proper major, and even stood by me throughout the process of grieving (which I have not finished, 10 months after my grandfather’s passing). Will dealt with my bickering, my mood swings, and my anger at the world. He helped me survive my first semester and enjoy my second.

For me, staying with Will was the right choice even though I was advised by everyone to end it. To say the distance wasn’t hard would be a lie, and there were times where I really thought we weren’t going to make it. But those moments were overshadowed by how fantastic a companion he was. I admit staying together with your high school sweet heart isn’t for everyone. If you truly want to experience everything that is out there 100% independently, follow your heart. But take my first semester as an example of how no one, even those with much more life experience than you, knows what you need but yourself.


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