valentine's day

Every girl wants to make her man feel loved on the special day. The time of the year when ‘love’ is cherished and celebrated must undoubtedly be one of the memorable days of his life. There comes the bigger question. What do you do to win his heart? What do you gift him this Valentine’s Day that he would jump around with joy? Preferably, something made by you for him (with loooovvveee!)

  1. Twinkle Twinkle little stars!

Nobody can hate stars and the pleasant breeze that ruffles your hair in the serenity of the night. Grab a blanket and some delicious food and run to your terrace. Spread the blanket out on the highest platform you can find and invite your partner for some cuddling under the stars on 14th February, 12.00 am. Did I mention that the ‘delicious food’ must be cooked by you? I’m sure if you are a bad cook, YouTube will help you in the task.

  1. The Cave men idea

Wood! Trust me when I say it can be a life saver. Grab a knife and carve the words of love on it. If you happen to be a fabulous artist, a picture of a girl and boy with an “I ‘heart’ you” will look pretty too. I’m sure your man would love to keep the special gift on his bed side table.

  1. The Jar of Hearts

Take a red color chart and cut out several medium sized hearts from it. In each of them mention one thing you love about him or the incidents which made you fall for him. You can even write about those special moments you both shared in the past. Gather the hearts and transfer them into a square-mouthed jar. Seal it with a silver or gold colored lid and decorate the exterior part with ribbons or flowers.

  1. The T-shirt

Buy him his favorite colored plain t-shirt and custom decorate it. You can get a collage of your photographs printed on the front or your very own love quotes written in attractive font. Keep the content real and natural instead of sticking to pre-existing love quotes.

  1. Record a song

You are good at singing? Then record a sweet, melodious and love-filled song for him. If you can compose your own music and pen down suitable lyrics for that, it will be even more special! For all those who think their singing is only restricted to the bathrooms, the effort is what matters not the quality. I’m sure even with your terrible voice (as you put it) you can make him smile.

  1. Flip Book

You don’t have to have the pictures drawn to the mark. Make approximately close drawings or stick figures in a considerable pages square shaped book of smaller dimensions. Let them flip through the pages in speed to get to your final page of ‘I Love you’.

  1. Origami Creations

Paper is all you need! For those who are unaware of Origami, it is the technique of folding papers to produce formations or figures. It is often associated with Japanese culture but can be a boon to everyone irrespective of geographical boundaries. Make an Origami heart shaped photo frame or a origami figure of a boy and girl kissing or hugging. An Origami model of a simple heart will look beautiful when done using a red colored paper. You will easily find the procedures on the Internet or YouTube.

  1. The Love key chain

Get print outs of your couple photographs in 5cm x 3cm dimension. A set of 5 or more of these are recommended. Punch a hole into these cards in a corner, in the same position for all. Tie them together using a binder ring or the ring of an old key chain lying in your house. Now he can hang his house, car or bike keys to it. How useful!

  1. Candle-light Dinner

candle light - romantic

Though it is very much clichéd, the charm of it never wears out. Dressed in elegant gown or comfortable jeans (your preference), arrange the dim lighting and scented candles to build up the mood. Invite him for some alone time coupled with delicious dinner and champagne!

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You are the one who knows your man inside and out. Use your heart to identify the right kind of gift for him – something he would definitely adore. Like I said earlier, the effort matters not the quality and quantity. Love what you do and the time you invested will not go in vain. The season of Love is for you to enjoy. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance!

About author : Sushma Krishna, an aspiring author and article writer. Her expertise lies in areas like love, relationships, mystery, paranormal, women’s health and fitness writings. Her interest in reading stand alone novels and book series help her frame the right words to effortlessly convey the message she intends to deliver.