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Hairstyle fails: 10 celebrities with the worst hairstyles

this post doesn’t really need and introduction as the title already reveals what the post is about. With no more to say, lets get to the picture. Justin Timberlake  Rachel McAdams  Kristen Stewart  Keith Urban Gwen Stefani Miley Cyrus    Scarlet Johansson Shia LaBeouf  Tyra Banks Christina Aguilera One extra for...


Long distance relationships: 5 things you will understand if you and your best friend live in different countries

Two years ago, after graduating from High School, I moved to Spain and my best friend moved to Argentina. Crazy, I know! We are still best friends but let me tell you it is challenging and sometimes it feels like we are drifting apart, but now a day with all the...


IMDb’s list of the 20 best teen movies

As the semesters are coming to an end and Christmas break is around the corner some of us will be having some extra time in our hands, so with that in mind here is the list of 20 best teen movies according to IMDb. She is the Man Perks of Being...


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Having Another Baby

Just recently Ashton and Mila welcomed Dimitri, their second child, into the world. In 2014 they had their first child, a baby girl. In celebration of their second baby, we bring you today a timeline of their love. The meet for the first time Ashton was 20 and Mila was 14...


75 years ago: facts about the Pearl Harbor attack

75 years ago, The United States of America declare war to the Japanese Empire after the surprise attack to Pearl Harbor. In memory of the victims and their families we bring you today some facts about the Pearl Harbor attack. It occurred around 8 am on December 7 1941 Almost 20...


Where are they now: 3 Celebrities that are no longer acting

On a preview post we talked about some celebrities that had left the spotlight but are back! This time we are giving you 3 celebrities who are no longer in the acting business but are still famous. Miranda Cosgrove We all remember Miranda for when she played Megan in Drake and...


3 reasons why everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence

After starting in the Hunger Games Saga Jennifer Lawrence became famous and not just for 15 seconds. But have you ever wonder why everyone seems to love her and never get enough of her? Well here are 3 reasons why: She talks true about herself Unlike other famous figures and stars...


Jennifer Aniston’s Secret Wedding

We all know Jennifer from her staring in Friends, a more resent: We are the Millers and others such as Love Happens, Marley and Me, and The Object of my Affection. Many women wonder what she does to stay so young or why doesn’t she wants to have babies, however we...


Where are they now? 5 celebrities we though had left the spot light but came back

We all have had a celebrity we loved that left the spotlight leaving us wondering what happened to them. Here are 5 celebrities we all miss and though that left for good but came back. Jamie Lynn Spears. We all know Jamie from Zoe 101 and because she is Britney’s little...


Best couple of the month: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

For some reason the media seems to be going crazy about Ryan and Blake so we have decided to go along with it. For that here are 4 things you might not know about the couple. They felt in love while dancing. On an interview with E! News, Ryan told the...


Embarrassing secrets: 5 things every girls does

For my fellow girls, around and for those boys who desire to stay informed here go: 5 things we girls will never admit we do even though we do them every day!! We are not trying to shame anyone we are just embracing our awesomeness. NUMBER 1 Facebook stalking. It starts...


The Gilmore Girls come back

Everyone or almost everyone is celebrating the Gilmore Girls come back and, why wouldn’t we? If it was a great show and even after the years, it is still great! In honor of the great work Amy Sherman-Palladino did, we bring you today 5 interesting facts about the show. Before you...


Time to let your beard grow: everything you need to know about No Shave November.

We all know what happens when November comes, yes shaving industries decrease their sales.  We have seen this going on for a while already but do you know where it started? Why did guys decided to stop shaving in November? Keep reading a learn everything there is to know about no...


The rapid advancement of Embryonic stem cells research

The field of stem cell biology and medicine is advancing in a fast pace towards the clinical application and development of new technologies in medicine and also focus has been given to the legal handling and patentability of stem cells and their derived technologies and processes. While the debate seems to...


Keeping up with the Kardashians: up-going rumors.

Keeping up with the Kardashians is a reality show that has gained popularity, alongside with the Kardashians themselves, in the past few years. As the show grows so do rumors about the show and the participants on it. Here are some up-going rumors about the show. It is all on script....


Selena Gomez going through chemo

Last year Selena sadly revealed her health wasn’t at best. She told the world she is suffering from lupus however she decided to continue with her career and go on tour, until now. “I want to be proactive and focus on maintaining my health and happiness and have decided that the...


Kim Kardashian and 10 things you didn’t know about her

Whether you hate or love her, you have heard about Kim K, so here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Kim Kardashian. #1. Her full name is Kimberly Noel Kardashian [the_ad id=”805″]


The Bermuda Triangle: Myth debunked? Or Not?

Also known as the “Devil’s triangle”, the queer space of ocean which extends from the Bermuda island to Miami and Puerto Rico, has been swallowing up ships, downing down planes and basically vanishing from the surface of Earth every object or person daring to enter within its territory. Sounds like a...


10 reasons why Trump deserves to be president

No, you did not read the title wrong neither did I write it wrong. The truth is, Trump is president and he will remain to be for the next 4 years. So here are 10 reasons why he deserves to be president, that hopefully will help you cope with the fact....


This 20-Year-Old Dutch Man broke The New World Rubik’s Cube Record

Try not to blink or you will miss it all. Meet Mats Valik the man who broke the Rubik’s cube and the world speed record by solving it in 4.74 seconds today. [raw_html_snippet id=”rubiks”]