Can Broken Heart Syndrome Affect Women? Here’s what you should know

Broken Heart syndrome

Women are said to be naturally vulnerable. They tend to be more emotional and easily get touched to various situations. Although there are some who can handle difficult circumstances, there are some who just can’t adjust very well. And maybe that’s the reason why women are more at risk of experiencing broken heart syndrome.

But wait…is Broken Heart Syndrome real?

The answer is yes. Though the term sounds trivial, this syndrome is something that must be given proper attention. Every person has the ability to feel pain… and when that pain starts gnawing the very core of one’s ability to take control of everything, then it’s something to worry about. Women may be too afraid to share what they feel inside, or they can too broken to ask help from people around them.

Broken heart syndrome is not just an emotion; it’s actually a medical diagnosis. And women out there… you must be aware of it!

Broken Heart syndrome

What can possibly cause broken heart syndrome for women?

In medical field, broken heart syndrome is known as ‘stress cardiomyopathy’ or ‘Takotsubo cardiomyopathy’. More often, this is mistakenly addressed as heart attack. Well, you can’t blame those people who think that way since this broken heart syndrome shows signs which are nearly similar to those of heart attack.