Become a better version of yourself – Here are tips to start !

Our life is like an empty board waiting to be filled with hues and colors to become a masterpiece. It’s like an open highway waiting to be travelled and despite all the humps and bumps along the way, we’re still focused to reach our desired destination. There may be trials, challenges, and other adversaries but the passion and motivation to keep you reaching your goals are all that matter.

As a woman, there must be no doubts and hesitations on what you can dream and become. In times of keeping yourself composed when problems arise, that is the moment you should be stronger. Lo! Here are some gems of thoughts you can apply everyday to become a better version of yourself.

Don’t forget to express gratitude. Have you taken a look around you? Isn’t life magnificent and wonderful that there are so many things you can be thankful of? When you seem to be looking at life as one pointless edge, think of a friend who’s offered you a smile. Remember your family who is always giving cheers and w meaning to your life. Take a look around. Be mindful of everything. The sights from dawn to dusk are all evidence of the blessings we must be grateful for. Bear in mind that when you have the sense of gratitude, it is easier to participate more in life. It is more rewarding to deal with different kinds of people. When your heart is thankful, the feeling of appreciation and positivity linger and it resonates in your personality.

Perform random of kindness every day. Little things done in a daily habit makes greater things possible. Just a smile can brighten someone’s day; kind words can actually pacify a heart in pain. People who are under some trials and hardships need some kindness from the people around them. Kindness is not measured on how big acts you can do but by how they can impact other lives. When little acts of kinds are given from the heart, the world can be a better place to live n. So start spreading the kindness within you – in small or big ways, they will matter!

be kind

 Strive to live a stress-free life. It’s a fact: problems are normal part of our lives. In any ways, they are affecting us– starting from problems at home, work, colleagues and other lifestyle issues, up to personal struggles, we become victims of stress. We often have difficulties and worries ruined our goals. Then the results become too obvious: lesser productivity, lower self-esteem and a more negative view of the world we live in. That must be stopped. Start living a stress-free life. How? Dare not to be inclined in making excuses. Put your focus on the positive things rather than dealing with the negatives. There are a lot of ways on how you can do that. Try meditation and other practices that can improve your way of thinking and create a more positive YOU! Of course, be calm and believe in yourself. You are capable of becoming someone living a good life.

If possible, try a new adventure. Life needs not to be stagnant and boring. Why not try new activities, new adventures and new things? Visit new places. Meet new people. These can add spice and excitement to your life! Moreover, you can read a new book, start journaling, create a new product, experiment a new dish, or invest into a new talent. Sounds exciting, right?


Have a vision board and follow it. Create a list of things you want to achieve, goals you want to hit or places you want to visit. This can make you more motivated and challenged. You’ll be eager to have them achieved; you’ll be more inspired to make your dreams possible. Just a piece of advice: Regularly check and monitor your list to make evaluate the ones done and the others which are being missed.

Live a happy life; no matter how hard it may seem. Happiness is an inside job. It must come from within. Before you take the journey of finding the things and people that can make you happy, take a pause and look inside you. Learn to value yourself. When you find that self-worth, that real value of yours, everything will follow. Loving yourself first is the key to find and share love to others.

Start a new hobby and let the world know your craft.

Do you love to sin

Keep inspiring and motivating yourself. No matter how much negativity that comes into your life, you must always strive to be positive. The best antidote? Keep yourself inspired and motivated. Have daily affirmations. Read motivational books and inspirational quotes. When this is made to be a habit, you will absolutely become an inspiration magnet!

Inspire others. When you have learned how to

Be healthy, inside and out!

Go green! Living with eco-friendly lifestyle can actually start and support a sustainable community. This does not only help your community but this way of living can aid you to become more responsible, healthy and nature-friendly!

Are you ready to start your journey on becoming a better you? Feel free to share your own gems of thoughts here and let’s all inspire each other to become a better person.

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