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When it comes to dating sometimes, it’s not as simple as you may want it to be. Especially when you are looking for a serious relationship and commitment, but when dating is done right, it can be exciting and fulfilling. Here are some tips to ensure your date become successful.

  1. Focus on first impressions

First of all, make sure you are making the right impression on the first date. But do not be so overwhelmed to making a perfect impression that you forget if you are even interested in the person. Smile, make eye contact and focus on what he is saying.

  1. Let your friends set you up

No one knows you better than your friends. They have the best interest for you at heart because they love you. Sometimes letting them vouch for you is the best idea. There is a comfortability or familiarity which comes with that. The event which turns during the date should not reflect towards your friend who set you up.

  1. Date your friend

Your friends can make the best date. It is someone you are open with, you share almost everything and even like same things. The quality you are looking for he might have them all. Furthermore, friendship is the foundation of all relationship.


  1. Do not overshare

Filter your words and thoughts. On your first date, it’s not the right time for verbal diarrhea. Be careful of the things you are sharing. You are spending time with a stranger, and he has to earn your trust. It is not the time to talk about your Ex, the number of people you have dated or even how much time you spent stalking him on social media these things may just push him away.

  1. Do not play it cool

We all believe that men like the challenge of chasing a woman, however, do not overdo the hard to get game. Be genuine, sincere and kind but be yourself at most also be responsive it’s okay to reply his text promptly.

  1. Explore do not just look into one place

You can find love in almost everywhere. Travel and socialize do not imprison yourself in one place. You can find Mr. Right in the most unexpected place if you are just looking into your favorite bar you are missing all the potential partner. Love can pop up anywhere in the marketplace, in a park, at the supermarket just keep your heart open.

Dating tips

  1. Observe the way you talk to each other.

It’s more than just words; it’s how you say them. The action, when a man is attracted to a woman the pitch of their voice changes from a high pitched voice to a low pitched one and also if you both use same functional words the chances of coupling up and staying together are high.

  1. Move on if you are not into him

Do not waste your energy and time if you don’t like him. Maybe you are afraid of being single, but being single is way better than being with someone you don’t like. Maybe you are scared of calling him your boyfriend, afraid of introducing him to your friends or you would rather watch a movie than being with him. Just move on.


In life, we are going to mess up, and people will come and go. We get heartbreak every single day but giving up is not the option. If you give up, you will never find your soulmate. Keep trying just because you failed once or twice it doesn’t mean you will keep following the same trail. Baby girl, keep smiling, keep your chin high and believe in yourself.