8 Amazing Health Benefits of Kissing

There are a lot of ways to express love and affection, right? Some are through words, while some are through actions. There are endearments which are very emotional and there are surprises that make someone felt overwhelmed. They said women are more likely to enjoy surprises however some other ladies are more of verbal rather than being showy. As we all know, being happy helps a lot in maintaining good health and wellness to anyone.

One common gesture to show love is by simply giving a kiss.  Commonly, we see kissing as a way to show how dear a person to us. But did you know that aside from being a sweet gesture, it is also scientifically proven to bring health benefits?

Sounds exciting? Read on and you’ll be more interested…

Kissing is a universal language an there’s no translation to deliver its message. And according to medical studies, kissing offers a lot of advantages for a long and happy life.

Yes, kissing does not only feel good, it’s absolutely good for you! Health experts said that it helps release stress and make aid in releasing epinephrine in the blood which helps it to pump faster. In that way, bad cholesterol can be reduced.

Benefits of Kissing

The following are some of the advantages kissing can bring to everyone:

Kissing enhances love and affection

When people kiss, a hormone called oxytocin is being produced. This hormone is also called the “love hormone” and promotes intimacy to boost good relationship. This act strengthens the fact that we kiss the ones we love and love the ones we kiss. For sure, you’ll remember how it feels good when the one you love kisses you. There is peace and calmness and a burning sensation that makes your heart lighter and your total experience makes you happier.

Kissing helps to burn calories

A vigorous kiss can burn 8-16 calories…yes, you read it right. J What a great way to replace a workout session to lose weight, hmmm? But of course, becoming fit and healthy does not only depend on kissing alone.



Kissing helps tone your facial muscles

Wow! Remember how you kiss in a wonderful rhythm together? Kissing enhances your beauty by shaping up your neck and jaw line. How? It seems to be an excellent way to tone facial muscles through the movements done while kissing. A perfect, non-surgical procedure for you, isn’t it? Safe, free, and fun!

Kissing increases happiness

When we kiss, our body also produces the hormone called endorphin. This is the one which is known as happy hormone. Therefore, kissing can fight depression and makes you happier and healthier. This also creates a stronger bond between you and your partner. A more harmonious and loving relationship is developed.

Kissing decreases pain

During a kiss, your body releases adrenaline which can actually reduce the feeling of pain. Whew! What a great way to pacify the one you love by giving a loving kiss!

Kissing can ignite and heighten the fun

According to Kama Sutra, (I am sure, you’ve heard that already!) there are 30 kinds of kiss. As an essential way of expressing ourselves, you and your partner can do it in different ways which makes the experience fun, and as we all know, fun is an instrument for a happy life. Intimate moments can be more exciting thus making the relationship worth keeping. Happiness is created and a stronger foundation is built.

Kissing can help you fight diseases

Research and other health studies found out that people who had sex once or twice a week had a higher level of infection-fighting antibody immunoglobulin which helps in fighting bacteria that can cause different illnesses. Of course, you and your partner must also observe proper hygiene to avoid any possible health issues.


Kissing boosts your self-esteem

Kissing is great for self esteem; it’s a wonderful way that makes you feel appreciated and make your state of mind calm since confidence is maintained. When you have a partner, kissing can be a way to show that you are valued, loved, and cherished. That can make someone feel secured and believe that he/she is a person worth keeping for. Remember, the way you feel is always connected to your physical and overall health.

The average person spends more than 20,000 minutes of their life kissing. Wow! But you should also be cautious since kissing can also transfer germs that can be passed along just like through simple cough and colds. Still, when done properly and proper care is done, we cannot deny the fact that kissing can provide longer, healthier and more enjoyable life.

So, now that you know those advantages of kissing, get up and give that special someone you love a big smooch and you will definitely feel better! Kiss and have a greater, healthier life together J


Check it out, and you will surely practice kissing more…

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