6 After-work Yoga Poses to Freshen You Up!

After-work yoga

We all know what a very long day of work does to us, and coming back home, we need something to refresh and relax us. In this case, nothing can be better than doing some Yoga after work, just to get relaxed and relieve ourselves of the stress with the several aches we get all around our body. Thus I compiled a list of yoga poses that you can easily do after work.

Neck Tilt:

After sitting in a comfortable position, you can gently tilt your head, first to the right and then to the left. Hold at each place for a breath, before switching directions. After done, tilt your head backward and forward, holding just for a breath before changing directions. Apply gentle pressure with your opposite hand to make it more effective.


For this, you’ll have to bend down on the floor, your knees aligning with your hips and your hands would be down on the floor, aligning with your shoulders. When you breathe in, you have to gently drop your belly while arching your spine, and in this process you’ll look up. When exhaling, round your spine and look down, repeating the same procedure about 10 times for effectiveness.

Yoga Poses
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Bound Angle Pose:

This one is a very simple, yet very effective, yoga position. All you’ll have to do is sit up straight, then bring the soles of your feet, both together so that they touch in front of you. Then clasp your hands around your joined feet. Just stay in this position for about 10 deep breaths, and it’s done!

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Sphinx Pose:

For this pose, you can lie down on your stomach, and then engage your muscles into looking up, while raising your torso so that the upper half of your body is arched upwards. Meanwhile, your elbows are planted on the ground, aligned with your shoulders, in order to have support. Your chest has to be relaxed, while open, and your shoulders will be relaxed back from your neck. Hold in this position for about 10 breaths and that is all!

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This pose is very beneficial for the relaxation of your mind as well as every single muscle in the body. All you’ll need to do is lie down on your back, and then close your eyes. You have to meditate, giving your mind peace. Eliminate every single stressful thing from your mind and just relax for a while. Take in deep breaths while doing so. This way, you’ll be fresh and renewed when you’re done!

Wide Legged Forward Bend:

First of all, you have to stand straight, your spine straight as well. Your legs are to be about 3 feet apart, your hands folded behind your back. When you inhale, raise your hands behind your back. While doing this, your toes have to be slightly pointed towards each other. When you exhale, bend from your hips, and look down. Reach your hands out until they touch the ground. Repeat for 10 breaths.


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