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5 Things To Eat During Your Pregnancy To Nourish Your Baby

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When you get pregnant, you’re always worried about your child’s health more than yours. But to provide your child with the most of the nourishment, you have to nourish yourself too. We’re always ready to do anything to make sure that when our baby is born, he is healthy and not lacking anything. But in the struggle, most of the women really forget taking care of themselves and weaken because of lack of nutrition. It is important to realize that the baby is a part of you, and he is draining all the nutrients from your body as he grows inside you. Thus these 5 foods will help you take care of both, yourself and your baby.




This one is kind of the key to making your child stronger and sharper. Butter helps nourish and strengthen your child’s brain, and also acts as a source of fatty acids for his body. Butter also provides energy, and helps the baby to develop healthy bones, cell membranes and hormones. Apart from that, you can also eat this to fight off the cravings you get during pregnancy as well!


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