4 Ways on how you can be more Productive and Happier each Day

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Have you ever looked back on the days that have passed? And then you just shook you hand for you just discovered that there are lots of time being wasted. Uh-oh! It’s time to get ready to becoming more productive.

Productivity can not only give you more results on what you do but can deliver greater results, more effectively. Say goodbye to those things making you disappointed and frustrated. Create a better version of yourself and start achieving more.

How to be More Productive and Happier

For ladies who either are working professionals or busy mothers at home, these tips can boost your productivity and will absolutely make you happy.

  1. Value your time.

Admit it. Those who are busy professionals often cannot control time to jump and pass too fast. Sometimes, the hours just passed and there is nothing accomplished. Time slips by and of course, no matter how we try our best, we cannot recover the time being wasted. This is the moment to change that habit. Learn to value and love time. Be responsible on how you spend every minute. Don’t be indulged with procrastination. Make sure to do what you can do today instead of doing it tomorrow.

It’s also important to set priorities and follow an organized schedule. A planner or journal can be your partner so make sure you have one.

value for time


Tom Rath, author of “Are You Fully Charged?” said that the first step in playing offense is to refrain from compulsively checking email and phone messages. Get one important thing done first before you start checking the inbox.

Well, I think he said it definitely right!

  1. Distinguish your limitations and set time to take care of yourself.

Do you have that belief that the harder you work, the more you’ll get done? Well, not always!  Changing that mindset can be a start of becoming more productive. It’s all about time management.

Brigid Schulte, author of the New York Times bestseller Overwhelmed, mentioned that our society has tricked us into thinking the more hours we put in at work the better we’ll perform.

Do you know that most successful people are aware of their own limitations and what they do is they create a balanced life – following rules of activities which are effective in creating happiness and creativity?

Being productive is far different from being busy. As human beings, we need to take some rest, we require time break to find comfort and relaxation. Without healthy body and mind, how can you perform better? Find some time to have a break and never disregard to take care of yourself.




A clear example: Do you work mostly while sitting? Well, brace yourself. Sitting is now tagged as one of the silent killers. If you’re working too much while sitting, take some short breaks to stand up and walk for some minutes. This will help avoid diseases due to frequent sitting. Have a balance in everything – work, sleep, exercise, diet, rest and enough sleep.

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  1. Carefully plan and evaluate a project

Avoid the rush! Entrepreneurs and working professionals may look that they’re working as quickly as possible. This may due to a deadline or their boss’ high expectations. However, rushing does not always ensure efficient results. This does always results into productivity.

Productivity is achieved only when everything’s planned and implemented carefully.

Always put in your mind: the best ideas come when you carefully sit and think about a project. Adam Grant, a psychologist, author, and professor at Wharton, said that you could be more productive if you offered yourself more time and sit with incomplete work rather than rushing to complete it.

careful planning

What else you must consider? Careful planning, brainstorming and evaluating of your plans and outputs are for sure. Without you knowing it at once, you’ll find yourself becoming more effective and productive for every project you’re into.

  1. Be productive, not be busy.

Being busy will just pressure you. And when you’re under pressure, you’ll achieve less. You’ll just stress yourself to meet your assignments. Imagine stressing more and then accomplish less? Uh-oh! That’s not fair, right? What you must do is to think clearly what you want to accomplish and how you wanted them to be generated. Be imaginative, be smart, and have clear targets.

Avid wasting your time making busy of unnecessary details, of tasks not needed to your task. Work first on what’s needed to be finished early and make time to think on how everything must be set out before implementing.




Are you now ready to become more productive this year? Say goodbye to your bad habits and start unleashing the more of you! Strive to be more productive and persevere to achieve your goals in a timely and organized manner.

Have a great year ahead!

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