4 Tips on Post-Pregnancy Workout to Get You Back in Shape


It is totally natural to go completely out of shape after pregnancy. It’s like you look back at your body before the pregnancy, and you think about what you’d do to get that body back. However, with determination and enough motivation, you can always do certain things to get that body back! Some people go with a diet plan that will suit them and get them back in shape, some prefer different kinds of exercises or workouts in the gym, but one way or another, I have seen a lot of brave women in my life who were easily able to get their bodies back in shape. However, I noticed some things they did wrong or right, and wanted to compile these 4 tips on what to do/not to do for a post pregnancy workout routine.


Tip #1: Don’t starve yourself.

I mean, come on. You just gave birth to a baby, and starving is the last thing you would want to do right now. Eat healthy food regularly, but don’t eat more than is required. Don’t risk your health in your run towards a perfect body, let your body recover first and get all the nutrition it needs, and only after that should you start a diet plan that includes emission of some of the important nutritional elements from your diet.

Tip #2: Forget about crunches; Pelvic tilt is even better.

According to some very learned experts, crunches might prove to be ineffective; as they don’t help you tone your abs from the inside out. There needs to be the strengthening and tightening of muscles from the inside as well as the outside, for you to get a result you dream. Therefore, Pelvic Tilt might be the best thing for you. This should only be done one week after the delivery if it was a vaginal delivery, or 8-10 weeks after a C-Section. All you have to do is breath in and out, lying in a certain position. You can learn more about this on the internet, and it will surely help!

Pelvic tilt

Tip #3: Be Patient.

I remember my friends whining so bad after they had worked out so hard, but still couldn’t see any significant change in their bodies. One thing I always told them was to be patient. It was going to take months to get back in shape, not weeks, and that they should always be motivated towards their goal no matter what.

Tip #4: Wear the right clothing and accessories.

The bra is the most important thing to choose when doing a workout. Never work out without a sports bra, as your breasts need support in all the ongoing activities. Not wearing a sports bra can lead to stretch marks and discomfort, which you really don’t want to deal with at this point. Always try to wear a tank top with sweatpants or anything like that when working out, so that your clothes aren’t interfering with your workout, and you can concentrate on the task at hand. And one more thing is to always take care of your body, and not being too hard on yourself, because no matter what, you are beautiful!


Pregnancy workout