4 Reasons why we are making bigger phones

As you might have already noticed smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, perhaps too big? Have you ever wonder why this is? Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Making an emphasis of visual in audiovisual


Now a day people use their smartphones for much more than calling indeed calling by itself is almost disappearing if anything we do facetime more than regular calling. Bigger screens allow better visuals.

 2. One for the price of two


With phones and tablets having more and more functions everyday it is easier and cheaper to have one big screen phone rather than a phone and a tablet.

3. Inevitable and necessary


If you want a bigger screen you are going to need a bigger battery. We all know the struggle of having to charge a smartphone every 5 minutes and run out of battery every 2. The only way to fix the battery problem is using a bigger one hens a bigger phone.

4. Everyone is buying them


We they were first advertised, bigger phones were target to artist who would want a bigger canvas easier to draw and work on, and the elders who would appreciate bigger letters, pictures and images. However, phone companies were surprised when big phones started to be bought by almost everyone who wanted a phone.

5. Is your phone big or small?


I still use an iPhone 4 and refuse to go to a bigger option, maybe I’ll give it a try, in the meantime let me know what you think about phones getting bigger and what phone do you recommend I change to!

Source: CNet

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