4 Amazing Ways to Deal with Period Cramps


Period cramps can be disastrously painful. As a woman, I get period cramps that are almost too near to being unbearable. Almost every girl gets these cramps, and those of you who don’t are very lucky. Period cramps are natural, and do not indicate any serious health problem, but anyways, we do need to get rid of them. So I made a detailed research on the ways in which I can deal with these period cramps. Below are the four tips I found most helpful in dealing with period cramps.

Tip #1: Improving your diet to alleviate period cramps.

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The ideal diet you need to reduce period cramps is a low fat diet. Try to have a diet which has as less fat content as possible. And incline more towards a vegetarian diet, eating more vegetables than meat or extra fatty meals. This will not only affect your health generally – Helping you stay away from cholesterol, obesity and heart diseases – but will also help you reduce period cramps. Start out slow by swapping out all the things in your diet that might have a lot of fats and slowly move towards vegetables.

Tip #2: Massage with essential oils to release pain.

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Another way to reduce the pain that the menstrual cramps cause is to massage with essential oils. Some research and experiments have been tried out on certain women going through menstrual cramps, and it is proven that this method works. In the experiments, this massage was done continuously from the end of the period to the start of the other. Massage essential oils over the lower part of the abdomen. Lavender, Clary sage and marjoram are some types of essential oils that you can use.

Tip #3: Use heating pads to ease period cramps.

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Research has shown that using heating pads to ease the pain period cramps cause is a very effective way. Applying heat can massively help reduce the pain in the area. Heating can be more beneficial as compared to those who were taking meds and painkillers to get rid of the pain. As it can lead to the release of pain easier and faster, Apart from this, medicines might as well help to release pain, but there are certain side effects we would really like to stay away from, which is why we should definitely avoid them.

Tip #4: Distract Yourself.

Distracting yourself is something I have tried numerous times, and it actually helps. You know something that you love the most, one of your hobbies or anything else. Start focusing and concentrating on anything that catches your attention except the pain. You can read books or watch movies. You would certainly forget about the pain, and this way you can always use your time in a better way. Apart from this, certain relaxing exercises can also help with the pain, for example breathing in and out, or yoga.