3 Extremely Helpful Ways To Slow Down Your Ageing Process

Whenever we think about aging, it probably seems to be the scariest thing we can ever think of. It’s devastating that we age; don’t all of us want to remain young and beautiful forever? But sadly, it’s a part of our life, and we can’t really do anything about it. It’s nature’s way of doing things, but to some extent, it is in our hands. Even when the nature does age us with time, it’s not like we can stop it, but we can really slow it down. And not with extremely expensive surgeries and creams that most of the times turn out to be useless, but the following are three very natural, general ways to slow down your aging process effectively, without any side effects at all!

1. Eat loads of fruits and Vegetables:

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Even though all of the fruits and vegetables are always there to help keep us healthy and our skins looking fresh, scientists have found out some of the fruits and vegetables which have anti-aging properties in them. These include green lettuce, blue berries and black berries. All of these are thought to be amazing at keeping us young, helping with our skin looking excessively fresh and out organs working like they are supposed to. Eating fruits and vegetables also helps us stay healthy and active, and do all the work we want to without getting tired. Fighting off age is easier when we nourish each and every part of our body, inside out.

2. Lower down the stress a few notches:

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Ever heard of how our hair turns white due to stress? That’s right, it literally does. Stress has proved to be the number one factor that causes aging amongst many people. Most of the people go to work, come back, and worry about other things the whole day. Due to stress, they can’t get enough sleep, so you’ll see their face looking more tired with large bags under their eyes. But if you lower down this stress, it can greatly help you. Keep your life organized, and try to have as less things as possible to worry about. Meditating regularly and taking out some time to give to your hobbies can greatly help you in staying healthy and lively. Smile more and don’t work more than you have the capacity to, and learn to live! This will result in a healthy and young life.

3. Wear less makeup:

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I know, it can be hard to get rid of the habit when you’re just really used to it, but believe me it’s for the best. Many of the cosmetic products have been thought to accelerate your aging process by disrupting your hormonal balance. Thus you should go with the natural look much more often and lower down the amount of makeup you apply to your face. Instead, also look for natural remedies to look brighter and good without wearing any makeup. Doing so will help you look younger, as well as it will help you skin to look nourished and fresh all the time.