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20 Cancer Warning Symptoms WOMEN Should be AWARE Of

Have you ever wondered how painful it is for people who are suffering from diseases such as cancer? It’s like being trapped in something that halt you from doing the things you love, moments to enjoy, and love the life you have.

Today’s world offers people almost all the innovations and products which give comfort in daily life. However, it’s still sad to know that despite all these, there are still health conditions that can bother us. Worse, some of them are not yet treatable.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Statistics revealed that women are more prone to various kinds of cancer. Thus, prevention, protection and awareness are all important to be learned. It must not be an excuse for busy women that they lack of time to have check up and have an expert to evaluate their body condition. If you want to achieve more, you really need to take care of your health – no excuses!

Listen to what your body is telling you; do not ignore if you feel something wrong. A discomfort or a sudden change in one part of your body (which you think is not normal) can be a warning signal that you’re opt into a bigger issue.

Here are 20 early warning signs of cancer every woman should know:

Gasping and shortness of breath. One of the early symptoms of lung cancer is the difficulty in breathing. Consult your physician if you start experiencing shortness of breath.

Difficulty in swallowing. Difficulty in swallowing is often related to throat cancer, cancer in the mouth and in some cases, lung cancer too.

Swollen lymph nodes on the underarm, groin and the neck.

Do you know that a swollen lymph node can signify conditions in the lymphatic system, which can be a sign of cancer? Be observant and once this symptom is noticed, have an expert check it.

Excessive bleeding. This can be a sign of abnormalities with the platelets and red blood cells. This can lead to leukemia, impairing the blood’s capacity to transport oxygen and clot. Also,  too much bleeding during menstruation must be also given proper attention since it can be related to ovarian cancer and woman’s reproductive issues.

Too much fatigue and weakness. Fatigue and easy to become weak is a sign of various types of cancer. If you often get exhausted even after light activities, you need to consult a doctor to diagnose the problem.

Bloating, stomach pain and abdominal weight gain. One common symptoms seen to women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer is that they experience abdominal bloating and pain around abdominal area.

Loss of appetite or feeling full. Another sign that leads to ovarian cancer is that they either loss their appetite or feeling full.

Heavy and painful menstrual periods, or bleeding between periods. Heavy menstrual flows are often connected to endometrial or uterine cancer. With this, you may need a transvaginal ultrasound. It’s always advised that you have a regular check up with your OB-Gyne.

Blood in stool and rectal bleeding. Pain in the rectal area and blood in stool often are symptoms of colorectal cancer. Too much bloating and problems in excretion must be also observed.

Unexplained sudden weight loss. Rapid and unexplained weight loss is an early warning of digestive cancers. This can also spread to liver and other internal organs.

Frequent stomach pain. Upset stomach and stomach cramps can be warning signs of colorectal cancer.

Skin lump or wound in the skin. Check yourself for symptoms of skin cancer, such as melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, cell carcinoma, and wounds that do not easily heal. Moles that are changing in colors must be also monitored and checked if they are cancerous.

Swollen and sore breast. These symptoms can be signs of inflammatory breast cancer. Consult your physician when you notice changes and feel pain in your breasts. Learn also how to do a self-breast examination. This will be very helpful.

Breast cancer awareness

Changes in the nipple. Women who are being diagnosed of breast cancer have earlier experienced changes in their nipple, usually appearing flattened, turned sideways or inverted. Discharge can also send a signal that something is getting worse so make sure to have them checked.

Abdominal and pelvic pain. Feeling pain and having cramps in the pelvic and around abdomen signals ovarian cancer. In addition, leukemia can also cause pain due an enlarged spleen.

Chest pain and chronic cough. Some types of cancer, such as leukemia and lung tumors, can cause signs that are similar to a bad cough or bronchitis.

Fevers and frequent infections. Fevers are signals that something is wrong inside the body. They can be signs of cancer of the blood cells and other worse diseases or any other cancer diseases inside the body.

Swelling in the face. Some studies revealed that patients diagnosed with lung cancer experienced having swelling, puffiness, or redness in the face. This is because to small cell lung tumors which block blood vessels in the chest, blocking blood to flow from your head and face.

Changes in the nails. Nails can help us understand what is going on with our body. Unexplained changes in the nails, such as a brown or black dot under the nail can indicate skin cancer. Enlargement of the ends of the nails, on the other hand, can be a symptom of lung cancer. Pale nails are sometimes signs of liver cancer.

Back ache or pain in the lower right side. Patients who are being diagnosed to have liver cancer stated that they first experience to have back pain and discomfort on their lower right side. Breast cancer is also associated to back pain.

Do any of the mentioned signs ring a bell? Don’t waste time. Consult your doctor to be informed and be given the proper medication.


Our time is limited, and after all, we all want to live longer for our loved ones, right?

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