Healthy Digestion

12 tips to have healthy digestion

Have you ever had a heavy feeling after eating a meal? It’s totally a discomfort, right? Well, you can blame yourself in a way. What have you eaten? How are you helping your body to properly digest the foods that you’ve taken inside?

Problems with digestion are often common to busy individuals who forgot to give some proper time and attention to what they eat and how they eat. In line with that, here are 12 tips to have a healthy digestion for a more active life.


Tips to have Healthy Digestion

  1. Eat 5-6 small meals a day.
    Nutritionists and other medical experts advise that we eat 5-6 small meals a day. Yes, that’s right. Doing this can help decrease sudden surges in blood sugar. It can also stop you from overeating giving your stomach a chance to digest foods easier and better. Having small amounts of foods frequently can aid in preventing hyperacidity and stomach ulcers.  Just make sure to consume healthy snacks; an apple or banana can be your best pick.
  1. Doing ‘working lunch’? Stop it.
    For some busy professionals, it is often hard to designate time for lunch only. Most of them are having their lunch in front of their computer. No matter how busy you are, make sure to have some time for your lunch. Eating while your mind is working with something can lead to indigestion. Moreover, it causes hyperacidity and stomach upset.
  2. Make sure to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.
    Known as the universal solvent, water can also help effectively in proper digestion. It aids in washing off the acid in the stomach. It can also prevent or treat kidney-related issues, UTIs and various types of headaches. Also, learn to drink water properly. Do not gulp down two glasses at a time. Sip the water little by little throughout the day. In that way, you will lessen stress on your heart.
  3. Consume ‘stomach-friendly foods”.
    It’s advisable to choose foods that are gentle to your stomach. Consume in moderation foods that are spicy and sour foods. Too much of them can cause hyperacidity and stress in your tummy. To make sure that you’ll have a healthy digestion, eat foods that contain lactobacilli bacteria – the best one is the yogurt.
  4. Learn to wash your hands properly.
    Medical experts always state that cleanliness is one of the most preventive measures to any kind of disease. One effective technique to achieve that is by washing your hands properly. There are many diseases that are transferred by germs from dirty hands. You can also use hand sanitizers to make sure your hands are free from disease-causing pathogens.
  5. Prefer to eat hot instead of cold foods.

Studies revealed that Chinese people have lesser cases of stomach problems as compared to the Japanese. This is because Chinese people love consuming tea, rice and food which are hot, unlike the Japanese who are more inclined with their cold sushi and sashimi diet. So, there you go. You can try hot chicken soup, tea, milk or plain hot water – all are excellent foods for the stomach since they can warm and relax its muscles.

  1. Choose and eat soft, instead of hard foods.

Congee, rice, papaya and boiled fish are foods that are easier to digest unlike hard foods such as steak, crispy and dry meat. Hard foods make the digestion job of the stomach super hard. When eating these foods, make sure to consume these foods into little pieces, and chew thoroughly.

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  1. Eat more vegetables and fruit.

Vegetables and fruits, which are known to be very good for the health, contain healthy fiber, which are good for the digestion. Fiber aids in effective bowel movement and also prevents bowel cancer. A common bowel disease called diverticulosis result is caused by having too little fiber. Learn to love vegetables like okra (lady finger), kangkong tops, and cabbage are rich in fiber. Also, when it comes to fruits, the ones that are rich in fiber are apples with the skin, and oranges with the membranes in-between.

  1. Wear loose pants and other apparel.
    Do you often suffer from heartburn? If yes, you better avoid wearing tight jeans and pants. The tightness of the pants tightens and increases pressure to your abdominal cavity, thus causing your foods to back up. Some people also acquire a stomach hernia – a condition when the closing valve between the stomach and the esophagus is loose. Best if you will wear stretchable apparel to make sure you’re not going to have digestive issues.
  2. Eat slowly. Savor the meals.
    Eating slowly permits your stomach to digest the food properly therefore, having less stomach upset. Relax and chew your food well.
  3. Take a walk after eating.
    After your meal, it’s advised to take a 10-15 minute of leisurely walk. Staying upright and helping the gravity to push the food down, you are assisting easier digestion. Especially at night, do not go to sleep right after a meal since this can cause acute pancreatitis.
  4. Eat two bananas a day.
    Bananas for digestion? Yes, they are! This healthy fruit can help treat diarrhea, fatigue, insomnia, heartburn, menstrual problem, and even kidney diseases. A six-inches banana contains 16% of dietary fiber which is very helpful to have proper digestion.

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