10 things you should know about spray tanning

spray tanning

Beauty and fashion trends have been influencing people since time immemorial. Every single person holds the desire to look attractive and up to the minute. Spray tan is one such vogue which is trending these days, painting folks with sunny brown hues.

Get the lustrous hazel-caramel sheen with spray tanning


The tenebrous look which was once considered to be the identity of the working class became the glamorized and alluring look of the modern era. To attain this look, people spend leisure time on the beach sunbathing. But the lethal effects of the sun compelled the fashion industry to come up with a sunless tan solution, to get a fake tan by using a spray.

Spray Tanning

This sunless product is basically organic in nature as it consists of simple carbohydrate called dihydroxyacetone- DHA, usually obtained from solutions like glycerine or other founts like sugar, carrot or beet root. There are other ingredients such as aloe vera, witch hazel, citric acid which are assorted with other skin friendly agents to fabricate the artificial sunny brown glow.

So along with your desired skin tone you can nab a flawless and nourished skin as well. Since it is an indoor manoeuvre, you will definitely be safe from the harmful UV rays of the sun, averting any skin damage, premature ageing or skin cancer.

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Spray Tanning safety tips:

Despite the many benefits of spray tanning, there are a number of detriments also which can be quite troublesome for newbies. So here are few tips for you before you:

  1. Countless number of spray tanning salons has emerged over the years. Selecting a genuine one can be somewhat tricky. You need to be very careful while you choose, look for professionals and experienced ones using advanced equipment.
  2. Prepare yourself, shaving or waxing should be done one day prior your sun tanning sessions. Exfoliating the skin will remove dead skin cells, keeping the skin fresh and clean. This helps the colour last longer.
  3. Make sure you do not wear good clothes during the manoeuvre or else it will get tainted. Minimal clothes are to be worn to avoid uneven tanning.  Do not use any lotion, cream deodorant or perfume after you get yourself tinted, as this will hamper the texture of the spray.
  4. Having proper information of the product is very important. Debased sprays can cause many health related snags. Inhaling such adulterated solutions can cause many internal maladies along with breathing issues and skin problems.

Spray Cans:

These tiny russet spray cans are very expensive and hardly last for one to two weeks approximately. One session of spray tanning can cost around $25 to $50. It may vary depending on brands and quality.

Therefore, being a little heedful and obtaining accurate information about spray tanning, it’s quality, price, procedures and reaching out for skilled parlours, taking proper pre-tanning and post-tanning care; can ease the pain of getting a natural sun tan using synthetic method and purchasing the aspired glowing complexion.


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