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valentine's day

As you sit in your cozy room with the blanket draped around yourself, thinking how you can let him know what you feel, it might be too late to do anything. The Valentine’s is approaching and you have so little time! Days have changed and mindsets have evolved. It is not necessary that the guy has to make the first move to let his girl know that he likes her.

Ask your crush to be your Valentine

Love is passionate, love is blind, there is no better promise I can make, that I will be the best you can find.

All those clueless girls who lost their hearts to a special person…gear up and put on your spectacles. These are ten cute ways through which you can convey your love to him.

  1. Does he like Coffee?

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If the answer to the above mentioned question is a ‘Yes’, take him out for a coffee date. Order the delicious cappuccino or the espresso based on what he might prefer. Make him feel comfortable and tell him what you feel in a calm and composed manner. Don’t forget to plaster that charming smile on your face!

  1. Why should boys have all the fun?

Gone are the conventional days where the guy falls to his knees and proposes to the girl of his dreams. Girls are equally capable of doing that. Gather your guts and get him a flower or a chocolate. I doubt any guy would say ‘No’ to a girl who went all filmy on him. How sweet!

  1. Smuggle it in

Girls can be very secretive when they want to. Use this special skill of yours to your advantage. Take a beautiful colored paper and pen down your feelings. Slowly drop it into his bag while he is not around. Imagine his reaction when he finds that while fetching his homework out!

  1. Throwing skills!

This is very convenient if the guy happens to be living near your place. Take a plastic bottle and decorate it with the needed ribbons and stickers. Write the magical words on a paper and stuff it into the bottle. Take your position out of his window and launch the mission. I’m sure if things work out you will be narrating your story to many others.

  1. Pick up lines…

They are cheesy, degraded and mocked upon. But every individual out there must have used them at least once to get the bae of their choice. Why don’t you do it too? Maybe something like, ‘Wait! There is something in your pocket…oh, that’s my heart’, ‘Hey, watch where you walk. I don’t want you falling for anyone else’…Get as creative as you can.

  1. Kidnap Him

By this I do not mean to involve your mafia background! Take help of your friends and decorate a room with balloons and flowers. Make the mood romantic with candles and dim lighting. While you are in the room, ask your friends to push him in and lock the door outside. Then, it is your turn to let him know how you feel.


  1. Post on his timeline

When you have social networking sites like facebook, Instagram and Twitter, proposing becomes easier. Write a heartfelt post and drop it on his timeline for him to see. Declare to the world that you want this guy to be more than friends!

  1. Does he own a Jacket?

Boys love to keep it cool and macho! Use this to your advantage. Take a piece of paper and pen down your feelings. Stick this paper with a less intensive gum to the inside of his jacket (we don’t want to spoil his jacket here). When the guy takes the jacket to wear it…Ta-Da!

  1. Drop messages

Not big messages where you write a love note the size of global warming essay! While you are in the classroom or the work place, drop him a line like, ‘I can’t concentrate when my eyes are on you. Can I call you mine?’ and on go the to propose


  1. Go the ancient way

The typical and conventional way works wonders too. Call him. It is that simple. Let him know how you feel over a phone call and tell him about all that time you had been obsessed with him. Boys like it when girls are straight forward and brave.

It all depends on what makes you comfortable and confident. Don’t hesitate to let them know how you feel because you never know, they might reciprocate! Hopefully, all the love bitten girls will find their special man this valentine’s.


About author : Sushma Krishna, an aspiring author and article writer. Her expertise lies in areas like love, relationships, mystery, paranormal, women’s health and fitness writings. Her interest in reading stand alone novels and book series help her frame the right words to effortlessly convey the message she intends to deliver.